Day 5: Our Last Full Day

I’ll admit, I’ll miss this conference and the experience that I’ve had…but it’s not over yet. I still have to pack and cry.

Today was spent in the great city of DC, exploring and wondering why my congressmen canceled…still. Since I was a bit distraught about the whole situation, I decided to make myself even more upset, so the Holocaust museum seemed like the obvious choice. That is how I spent about four hours. But let me tell you, the walk to the museum from the capitol kills everything in a body, but I don’t regret going…unless my meeting was still on.

When we arrived at the Holocaust museum, after dragging our tried bodies across streets and cars, we were ushered into a security check, which I always hate. Still, going through a metal detector is so much more pain free than being blown up.

The museum was unlike any  I’ve ever been in. We were given a small booklet of a person who went through the holocaust; then we were told, by a very rude lady, to go to the fourth floor and work your way down, reading one page on each floor. Despite her failure of knowing how to speak to a group of people nicely, she knew what she was doing.

Oh yeah, today was also the gala. It’s nice to dress up and look nice with everyone else. It’s  nice to be served food and godly cake. It’s nice to have fun for once. I’m an uptight person, who doesn’t know how to “fun”; and the truth is, I needed a night. We arrived, ate, danced, and left super tired. The long awaited gala finally happened, and it went well.

As I pack my bags, I’ll pack memories, too. And that’s special. I came into this conference with the mindset of fear. I feared if people would like me; if I’d get lost; if I’d even want to become a journalist anymore. None of that was true, (except the getting lost part…but it wasn’t major). From the start, I talked to new people, and the people here are so kind. I made experiences, even if the odds weren’t in my favor; and most importantly, I became excited about journalism. So, I’d like to say thank you to my parents for encouraging me to come to this amazing conference and financing it; thank you WJMC, for opening the doors wide enough for me to see the other side. I’ll always remember this week, the best yet.



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