Day 4: Journalism experience

Today, we stayed on campus, and it was nice. Today was also a day of straight journalism for me. But there is one thing about journalism…I’ve never been taught the fundamentals of journalism. Oh, did you say “pitch” or “lead”? I’m lost.

It’s kinda funny going into journalism without even knowing the elements that journalism consists of. I guess I’m weird…I just thought the concept of telling stories was cool.

For one, we had a real life newspaper simulation where we were to pitch our story ideas to our head editors with a creative spin. We were in a competition to get on the front page of the Washington Post, and the competition was heavy. And yes, I know what the front page was.  I’ve never done anything like that before in my life. It was so much fun, once I realized what the building blocks were; but I was so horrible.

Next, we got to choose one speaker out of about ten, to listen to. I chose Beth Jannery, director of the journalism program, here at Mason. She brought journalism out for the class to touch. She placed us in the stance of a journalist in hopes that we’d find whether the journalist (Kevin Sites) made the ethical decision. The video that we would judge was horrible, yet so addicting. We grouped together and shared our views. When we had shared with the class, Jannery came back with the background story…and that changed everything, even with a raw video.

I’ve never been to in depth with journalism until today, and I am addicted. Carol Guzy helped with that. She made me cry, and I hate crying. She was full of raw emotion, and I could almost see it pouring out of her. Something about her made me feel upset. She has seen things we’ve never dreamed of; met people who’s neighbor is death. Journalists are human; so emotion is real.

Also, I should be preparing my questions for my congressman, who I should be meeting tomorrow at the capitol…until he canceled. Better yet, it was canceled TODAY. I had a quick change of plans. He had some, too.

whatever. I guess that just prepares me for the future of sudden, inconvenient changes of plans. I’ll deal with it.



I stole this from Kevin McCarthy


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