Day 3, Politics and Meetings

Again, like everyday, I struggled to roll out of bed. However, unlike all the other days, we walked ourselves to the dinning hall for breakfast without meeting with our color group. This wasn’t an issue, I just had to sit with a couple of girls I had never seen before due to not finding anyone else from my group. Good thing: they were chill…I like chill.

One thing wasn’t okay, though: the political panel. The panel would’ve pleased my nerdy brain if it weren’t for Brain Lamb’s conversation/ talk before them.

As intimidating as Lamb is, he knows what he’s doing. Throughout his tormenting conversation, he kept popping out controversial topics that made us, young journalists, react. Even though he could probably kill one with a glance, what he illustrated throughout the meeting demonstrated what true journalism is. Now I realize why he is popular and respected in the industry.

He engaged with us; he gave us a voice (when he actually saw us, on the other side of the room). He heard our opinions and our knee jerk reactions. He heard the laughs after responses; he heard the boos and cheers. (it was very intense) Even when all of this happened, he simply asked “why”, and never showed his biased opinion. I know that this takes a strong person. I know that I automatically inject my argument into a conversation.

Fun fact: if you look up the definition for the word “journalism”, it says, “Brian Lamb”.

Contrary to Lamb, the 3 journalists on the political panel were all biased, especially the Huffington Post correspondent. After hearing the god of journalism speak, you cannot go atheist…but they did…and beyond. The political panel I was so excited for became a “let’s bash Trump” panel. No, Trump isn’t the best, but they were all journalists.

But still, WJMC is teaching me daily. I am extremely honored to be learning from the ones who made it. What may be offered may not be my dream (political panel), but it still teaches me. Honestly, I still enjoyed the panel…it’s nice to hear one side of the story.


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