Day Two- Gone All Day

Even though the beds were uncomfortable, I still struggled to wake up at my planned time of 6am…So I slept in somewhere between 1 or 60 more  minutes . Don’t worry, it’s normal.

I’m still tired…I have come to realize that being tired is a part of my personality now.

After I did manage to wake up and walk outside to meet my color group for breakfast, we walked into chaos. The dinning hall was overflowing with people, pushing their way and food through the hungry others. (me) But despite my first impression, the food was pretty good, and the cooks were my French toast.

Then we drove to see the queen: Hoda. When she walked into the room, we became peasants; but she made sure that she gave us inspirational quotes. Honestly, she was an excellent speaker who had a lot of control over the peasants. Now I see why so many people love her. I love her, too.

When the queen left to catch a flight, we were on our way to the newsuem. The newsuem has about 5 stories of world changing journalism throughout history. Some levels were filled with such emotion, you finally realize how important journalism is. And that thought alone is life changing, powerful. Journalists put themselves in unsafe surroundings just for the sole purpose of delivering the truth behind, and in the middle of, the war. Journalists  work endlessly, talking to people of different backgrounds and visiting lands of horror, just to enlighten the citizens. Maybe journalists aren’t seen as important in current times, but, in a sense, they protect our freedoms by finding truth. I hope to be one who denfends the rights of citizens. I want to become a journalist.

Day 2 was great


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