Day 1: I’m so tired

Today, I woke up around 8. I woke up at 8 so my parents and I could drive all the way to Fairfax, VA, from good ol’ West Virginia. The drive was all wrong: at twelve, things were going smoothly, catching the occasional red light; however, at three, the rush hit. Someone got in a wreck; someone ran out of gas. Everything horrible happened…well maybe. Well, maybe that was all a lie (I did wake at 8 though).

Thankfully, my parents and I drove down the night before so we could get settled in and not have to rush and curse all the way to DC (close to…). This was a good thing for at least three reasons: 1) I was NERVOUS,  so I feel this was the best way to not throw myself into a tidal wave without knowing how to swim, 2) we went to the mall the day before, which was the biggest mall I’ve ever walked…and get almost lost in, 3) and finially, breakfast at the hotel.

Having breakfast, while wearing my designated WJMC shirt, I got to meet the first person going to the conference, other than myself. Her mom come over to where my parents and I were sitting, and lit up the room. She asked for directions, and I spoke to her daughter a little. This, I seriously believe, helped calm my nerves. I don’t really understand how. Maybe I just feed off of other’s nervousness and turn it into chillness…somehow…maybe I’m a witch.

After a campus tour, hanging out with friends at the Hub, and taking my time getting ready for dinner…(yes, you have to change outta ya skankness) we finally went to dinner with our color group…which was #shaquilleoteal. While I was eating this piece of cake sent from God, a speaker, Tina Rosenberg, a columnist from the New York Times, spoke to us, as speakers do. She was really informative; basically stating that good journalism is effective.

After meeting with our color group once more, while crying up six flights of stairs, we got to go home. It is 12am, and I’m tired. Sorry, I’m being a grandma…it’s been a day. I can say this: if you come to WJMC, wear COMFORTABLE shoes.

I can honestly say it’s been a good day…and I’m super tired.


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